When Reinvention is the Best Remedy for Your Small Biz Ailments

Are you stuck in a rut? Has business been slow? Are you ready to expand your product line, but don't know how? Are you struggling to connect with customers online?


No matter what your small business' issues are, now's the perfect opportunity to reinvent your business and get over that hump that's kept you from moving forward.

What Reinvention Looks Like

Now, I'm not suggesting you start from scratch or create a new business. I'm simply suggesting you look at what's not working well in your business and fix it. That might be:
  • A lack of industry contacts to help you create partnerships
  • Not having enough time in the day to grow your business
  • Employees that keep quitting, leaving you in the lurch
  • Not having the resources to market your business

Every small business has challenges, but only the smart ones face those issues head on and come up with solutions that will help them get to the next level.

Start by Addressing Problems One at a Time

You probably have more than one challenge in your business. It can feel like you're drowning when all those issues call out to you at once. Sure, it's easy to ignore all of them than to sit down and get a plan, but you're not doing yourself any favors that way.

I encourage you to block off an hour or more this week, and make a list of those issues. Then pick one. Just one. It can be the most difficult or the easiest. It doesn't matter. Take that one problem and brainstorm ways to fix it. Even if you think you can't afford the solution, make that list.

Let's use an example. Let's say your problem is that you run a retail store and have gotten so busy helping customers that you haven't had time to work on your business strategy. Some solutions would be:

  • Hiring part time sales help
  • Working on strategy after hours or weekends
  • Reducing store hours so you can devote time to strategy work one day a week

Only you know which is the best solution for your business (and your budget). But sometimes just the act of writing out your problems -- as well as their solutions -- is enough to nudge you toward making change.

Taking Reinvention Up a Notch

If you want more help in reinventing your business, I want to invite you to attend my Reinvention Weekend 2015 on October 9 and 10, 2015 in Philadelphia. I've run this event for several years now, and any of the hundreds of participants we've had can tell you: it will inject rocket fuel into your reinvention plan. On Saturday, we've got a full lineup of workshops hosted by some of the biggest name in small business, including:
  • Barry Moltz
  • Hajj Flemings
  • Sulaiman Rahman
  • Barbara Pender
  • Misty Young
  • Sweetie Berry

They're going to be talking to entrepreneurs like you about marketing, growth, organization, and networking. It's a unique opportunity to help you figure out what's wrong in your business and make it right.

We've also got some special VIP events on Friday which include one-on-one sessions with me and a fabulous VIP luncheon.

If you register now through August 14 (just four days left!) you can take advantage of Early Bird Pricing at just $97 for the General Admission ticket. What are you waiting for? Sign up before the price rises.