When The Chicken No Longer Rule The Roost

What do chicken and peace have in common, you ask? You’d be surprised!At my place, we have about six or seven chickens of various ages, from whom we get nice, fresh eggs. We also have a beautiful black German shepherd, and two Bengal cats.My husband, such a gentle soul, decided to let the chickens out last winter on several occasions. I’ll admit it was pretty cute to see the chickens roaming the garden. But sometimes it felt like the chickens were really ruling our whole backyard whenever they were out.Every week, I would gather up most of their mess – and if you don’t have chickens believe me, they know how to make a mess! Finally, in the spring, my husband and I cleaned up the back garden entirely. We cleared branches that had fallen during the winter, raked leaves, straightened the garden furniture, and of course cleaned up all the chicken litter.To our delight, what was left after all our hard work was a lovely and peaceful garden – one we have been enjoying all summer.

De-cluterring to create peace

Where can you do some de-cluttering to create more peaceful space? I am a huge believer in de-cluttering, especially as a way of keeping stress and overwhelm at bay. The time spent doing it is always so worth it for me. And every time I do it, I see that taking time to de-clutter just makes me more productive.When my husband and I took the time to clean up, it completely transformed our entire garden and backyard. Now we enjoy sitting out there, reading books, or just relaxing in the sunshine. The space looks peaceful and calm, because it isn’t a mess.​I encourage you to think about where you can do some de-cluttering to increase productivity and decrease stress. I’m sure you have had days when things are just a little funky. These are the days that are particularly great for a little de-cluttering. The days when you don’t have anything urgent on your plate and your body needs recharging, these are the days when it’s a good time to get some fresh blood circulating and tackle any de-cluttering projects you may have.

Take any area and see what you can do to clear the clutter.

Remember we talked about creating your cave? You might consider starting there, so that you can really reap the rewards of de-cluttering.This week, take a break from your work and do a little de-cluttering, then see how you feel. (My hunch is that you will feel great!)Let me know if you try this out, and if anything shifts for you when you do, by joining us on Facebook.(Once you are on my Facebook page, I would love it if you joined our private Authentic Connections Facebook group!)​If this blog resonates for you, please feel free to reach out. I would love to learn more about how I may support you and your business. Sending you tons of love and light!

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