When the Dog Went Away the Cats Came Back Out to Play at Koneko Cat Cafe



The other week a strange thing happened at KONEKO NYC - a dog came to visit the cat cafe. But not just any dog. The dog was MARNIE, the Insta Sensation that has captured the hearts of millions. She was there to help celebrate the new book about senior pets, "My Old Dog, Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts" written by Laura Coffey.


The book's mission is totally in synch with the cafe's, in that every cat at Koneko is up for adoption through Anjellicle Cats Rescue. It was a fun celebration where you could very easily distinguish the dog people from the cat people. Koneko's chic new multi-level space was the perfect venue for this type of event.


Cat lovers wandered downstairs to cuddle with Koneko's 16 cats, while canine fans stayed upstairs to visit with Marnie and Laura and get a chance to hear from the Mayor's Alliance about the importance of considering adopting older animals. "My Old Dog" is a must-have book for anyone considering adopting an older dog, and it has an extensive resource guide to help with concerns and questions about older pets.