When The Job Is Too Good To Be True

As professionals we don’t want to appear weak to our network.

It was just months ago when she was out celebrating with close friends and fancy cocktails as they toasted to her new job.

She was proud of her accomplishment and couldn’t wait to share this huge victory with all her family and friends. She was energized by the thought of being involved in bigger conversations, having a seat the table where the key decisions were made, and of course the amazing bonus opportunity.

How could it be that only months later, she’s already feeling completely lost, miserable, and foolish for what she has gotten herself into?

The reality is far off what her expectations were coming in.

She’s micromanaged, there’s no purpose, she doesn’t feel like what she does has an impact… and even worse she wonders if her work is valued at all…

She wonders if she’d even be missed if she were to leave.

There’s absolutely ZERO potential of growth opportunity and the future is looking pretty bleak.

Being the top performer that she is, she’s too proud to admit defeat. She starts to panic. How could she tell anyone that she’s made a big mistake after boldly celebrating this new promotion so publicly?

How could she move jobs after only being at the company for less than six months? The thought of staying felt like prison.

Who would even hire her at this point? This was supposed to be a dream job, but it’s turned out to be a nightmare.

It was all too good to be true.

How many times has this situation happened to you? Who can you call that can truly help you transform this situation?

Many times as professionals we don’t want to appear weak to our network. This is for good reason. How can you ask someone to help market you if you’re not even sure of yourself? 

How can you ask your contacts to put themselves on the line if you’re a hot panicked mess?

Your instincts are right. The panic is normal when you don’t know what to do, but you sure as hell can’t keep doing what you’re doing.

Anxiety comes from chaos and a lack of direction. When there is a decision looming in the air, this leads to fear and focusing on the what you don’t want to happen.

The first step is to focus on a plan. You need a plan of action so that you don’t continue to keep your mind racing into a vicious and destructive cycle.

Action and focus on outcomes are what takes you out of this cycle. You can’t continue to focus on everything that’s wrong or you’ll end up making a desperate decision and end up right back where you started.

In a job that was a mindless, soulless, an empty transactional role where you are going through the motions without any purpose or meaning.

On the flip side, you have to weight the opportunity costs? Is the situation really THAT bad? Or do you need a change in mindset?

If you’re losing sleep over this and the anxiety is unbearable, then you need to realize that no job or line on your resume is worth the price of your health and happiness.

Shift your focus towards rational thought, and write out the pros and cons of leaving to help you to make a rational decision. Once you have decided to stay or go, then you can focus on the plan to support that decision.

The anxiety comes from the lack of decision. Make your choice and get out of the vicious cycle. Not choosing or dragging out the decision is the decision to stay stressed and in limbo.

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