When the Leaves Turn Brown, So Does the Booze: Three New Whiskeys for Autumn

When the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, when baseball gives way to football and the sweaters come out of mothballs, it can only mean one thing -- it's whiskey season again. Of course, there's nothing wrong with a snifter of Scotch or a perfect Manhattan on a sweltering July evening. But for me, autumn is whiskey weather. Time to put away the fruity pseudo-tinis and faux-jitos and get down to some serious drinking. This year, in addition to all the old favorites that have gotten us through many a previous autumn chill, there are three new whiskeys on the market that will cast a warm glow on your taste buds.

Three New Whiskeys for Autumn

All three of these fine American-made whiskies will make you proud of your country. And by buying them, you'll be giving the economy a boost. Meet you at the liquor store, fellow patriots!