When the Vow Breaks - Doing a "Til Death Do You Part" Reboot

When the Vow Breaks - Doing a "Til Death Do You Part" Reboot
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Marriages don’t end because you stop loving each other, they end when you can’t stop hating each other... and the pain from that is unbearable - Mark Goulston as told to Oprah

Would you agree? There is a way back if you start talking with each other about when each stage happened and the frustration, fear, pain, disappointment and hurt you each felt, but never expressed. If you agree to do this, also agree that neither person gets to become defensive or hostile, and then don't stop talking until you're talking from the hurt underneath.

Let’s face it...

You’ve got nothing to lose when all is lost.

If you like the above, check out: The 6 Secrets of a Lasting Relationship: How to Fall in Love Again--- and Stay There. In that book, we talk about the 6 pillars that CREATE Love:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Respect
  3. Enjoyment
  4. Acceptance
  5. Trust
  6. Empathy

And how like when you buy a computer and are “in love” they’re all preinstalled. But then just like a computer, your love software (the six CREATE pillars) develops glitches and when the OS breaks down completely (i.e. you no longer feel any of these towards or from your partner), it’s time to reinstall the OS and loveware and then “Hit Refresh” (are you listening Satya Nadella?).

Then if you want to make the most of a second chance, it would help for you to “Just Listen” and discover the secret to getting through to anybody, including someone who you thought was lost forever.

All this takes are two people who would rather not end up alone and loveless in life than they need to be right.

You will be able to do this if not only it’s important to you, but if you care enough about it, because people don’t do what’s important, they do what they care enough about.

How much do you care about it!

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