These Comics Show What It Looks Like When Two Weirdos Fall In Love

True love can be wonderful ― and really weird too. 🤓

When two weirdos fall in love, every day is a hilarious adventure.

Artist Sarah Graley, based in Birmingham, U.K., captures this perfectly in her “Our Super Adventure” comics ― a series based on her relationship with Stef, her sweet and sometimes sassy boyfriend of six years.

“Every comic I draw as part of this series is a real-life event,” Graley previously told The Huffington Post. “So all the super cute and also super gross stuff really happened!”

The comics show the couple’s funny banter, their love for their four cats Pesto, Toby, Wilson and Pixel, and of course, their love for each other.

“Stef’s this whole other human being but it totally feels like we’re just one person!” she told HuffPost. “It’s so comforting to have someone you can talk to about anything, and he’s always helping me with my comics. I feel like we’re this tight little unit and it’s exciting to be this team together! I feel like we can take on anything.”

Below, more of the artist’s cute and comical illustrations:

Head over to Graley’s website or follow her on Instagram to see what other projects she’s working on.

Love Is... Illustrations from HJ-Story