When Will a Reporter Ask Woods Why She Likes Trump?

How many times does Colorado State Sen. Laura Woods (R-Westminster), who's apparently the only elected official in Colorado to affirmatively and proactively express her fondness of Trump, have to say she likes Donald Trump before a reporter will ask her the simple question of, why?

Woods, who's officially backing Ted Cruz, said earlier this year on KNUS 710-AM of the Republican prez candidates:

Woods: "My favorites are Ted Cruz and Donald Trump."

In an email to supporters Sunday, Woods again indicated that she likes Trump and Cruz--and that she'd support Trump if he were the GOP nominee.

So now, with Trump closer to securing the Republican nomination, you'd think a journalist out there would jump on the local angle and ask her why.

Yet, apparently Woods has skated by the press corps, somehow avoiding the scrutiny you'd expect her to receive as the state senator whose fate in November's election will likely decide whether divided government comes to an end in Colorado. Republicans currently hold a one-seat majority in the chamber, and Woods won her seat by 650 votes in the GOP wave year of 2014.

So, with so much at stake, as well as a news hook the size of Trump, you'd think Woods would have explained her feelings for Trump many times over on the record.

To emphasize the point, and as a means to suggest a few obvious avenues of questioning that reporters might pursue in questioning Woods about Trump, here's a video.