When Will Cooler Heads Prevail?

When Will Cooler Heads Prevail?
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Man just kills another man
Saying God had told him so
Is he following God's plan
Or those really in the know?

Those who orchestrate events
And use up whatever fear
Just to get the mass incensed
With the words they need to cheer.

They don't care about kids
That get murdered in their wake
All they do is place their bids
Which just grow with the heartache.

God or Country, Color, Gender
Are just buttons they will press
On the always working blender
Of the public under stress.

Look around and see their labors --
Europe, Asia, Middle East
Neighbors fighting against neighbors
Every day there is less peace.

And those countries who aren't fighting
Are then forced to pick a side
Which just leads to more dividing,
Sanctions, bickering, hurt pride...

When will cooler heads prevail?
How many will have to die?
What will finally tip the scale
After which we'll really try?

All religions are not changing
Nor will we become one race.
No amount of rearranging
Will give everyone their space.

People still will chose to marry
Those who want to marry them,
While most will forever carry
Names of those they will condemn...

What I'm hoping will transpire
Is at some point very soon.
Older adages retire
And we'll sing a different tune.

We'll refuse manipulation
Feeding on the worst in us,
And decide we're all ONE nation
And start driving our own bus.

We will realize our future
Isn't based on just our past.
Use that knowledge as a suture
And sow something that will last!

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