11 Powerful Feminist Messages, Written On The Bodies Fighting For Them

A powerful project by photographer Liora K gorgeously captures the issues individual women care about most.

(Some images below may be considered NSFW.)

Liora began the project, titled "Feminism," in 2012, after she moved to a Republican state for the first time and heard more about proposed reproductive rights legislation that was detrimental to women.

 "I was signing petitions and sharing articles, but it wasn't really alleviating the anger I felt," she told The Huffington Post. 

Liora decided to use her skills as a photographer to spread the message that women won't stand for their rights being scaled back. To do this, she chose to speak to individual women about the topics that matter to them, and then photograph each woman with a message about feminism written on her body. 

"When I started witnessing all the attacks on birth control, abortion rights, equal pay, and retractions of protections for survivors of domestic violence, I wanted to see an artistic response," Liora wrote on her website. "I wanted to create a body of share-able and instantly understandable work that people could connect with and use to continue to spread the word: 'women’s rights are being sabotaged, but we are fighting back.'"

Liora works with volunteers, all of whom are fully involved in conceptualizing their photoshoots and editing the images afterwards. Each session begins with a conversation about the issues important to each volunteer, and the two collaborate to come up with a phrase or sentence that the subject would like written on their body. 

"When somebody volunteers their body, I would never want to remove their voice from the process," Liora told HuffPost. "It's very much about them."

The resulting images show women pushing back against sexism, racism, transphobia, anti-abortion rhetoric, slut-shaming, sexual assault, domestic violence, victim-blaming, and a host of social ills. 

Liora hopes that the images will inspire people already involved in the feminist movement to keep fighting against inequality.

"I hope that the people who choose to work with me feel empowered," she told HuffPost. "And that the people who see the photos feel empowered to continue the hard work of activism and fighting." 

 See more powerful images from this series below. 

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