When You Fall in Love

When You Fall in Love
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Remember the first time when you were in love. You were fully living the moment. You were not living in the past nor worrying about the future. You were fully present. You were not thinking. You were doing. You offer it your body, your mind and your heart. And it was fun, it felt great! You had no idea what the future will unfold but you didn't worry about it, because the present moment was beautiful. You were alive!

"The most powerful move you can do to start going right now in the direction of your dreams is to fall in love. Fall in love with your dream. Fall in love with making a contribution. Fall in love with helping others live better lives. You are unique and you matter."

When you fall back in love with your dreams, with your passion and your purpose, the same reactions take place inside of you: you are fully engaged, you give your dream everything you've got. You are not in the past nor the future. You give your dream your body (actions), your mind (focus) and your love (energy) in the present moment, where all your power lies. When you fall in love with your dreams, magic happens.

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