When You Meet Your Future Self Stay Out of the Middle of the Road

It is very clear to me that dream exploration is not for everyone. Though it should be, since it is as natural as our beating heart. But so many have been conditioned by society, family, and religion to fear some very natural and beneficial parts of our own nature. They have been told that either dreams amount to nothing more than mumbo jumbo our brain fires away during our sleep, or the worst kind of fear, that dreams are the work of some kind of evil like Satan.

Personally, I don’t believe in a Satan or demons. People are entitled to their own beliefs, and I am not interested in arguing with anyone who takes comfort in any of those beliefs. But it has been my personal experience that dreams provide a very interesting look into other possible realities for us, and I do feel somewhat of a calling to be a dream evangelist, in the sense that I am sharing my experiences, and I encourage others to look into their own experiences as well.

I have been going to the same grocery store now for 20 years. In that time I have become acquainted with several of the cashiers, and we are on a first name basis, which I have enjoyed. This morning, I was at the check out with cashier Lisa. She has known me for awhile, and knows I am a photographer, and that I published a book last year (Sleeping with Spirit). She could not remember what the book was about this morning, and asked about it. So I began to tell her it’s about my life and psychic dreams I have had. Immediately her friendly demeanor changed, she shook her head and got the chills, shook her whole body, and said “oh that freaks me out!” She said “I can’t deal with that”... I laughed and said it’s ok, it’s nothing scary... I promise you. Then the bagger girl wanted to know about my book. So I pulled out a card with information and gave it to the bagger girl. But Lisa had darkened down on me, and was still shuddering over it all. She said “well I just can’t believe in any of that”...(her religion)... It was almost as if fear itself had flown in and landed down on our sweet conversation (all the while she was ringing up my large purchase), and the girl who was my friend when she first greeted me, was now condemning me for sharing that I have had psychic dreams. I have not yet had enough of these reactionary experiences (though many in my own family still really don’t want to know about my story- they just don’t say anything), and this one for some reason shot through me like a jolt of rejection and invalidation for a few split seconds. I had to talk to myself to remind Kim that this was about her, not me. We all respond so easily to someone else’s stuff, and take it right in...

So I reached out to an author I greatly admire. Robert Moss, who is a true leader in dream experience, and dream history, and I shared this event from this morning, asking how does he respond to situations like this. He wrote to me:

“I may point out that the Bible is a book of dreams and that Christianity became a world religion because of dreams and visions (as explained with full source notes in the chapter of my book "The Secret History of Dreaming" titled "Divine Dreaming").”

I found this to be a helpful point of view. But certainly too much information while going through the checkout lane...

I am also working on another writing project, which has me doing another review of my early dream journals. This past week I had yet another discovery, which for me is another reason why everyone who remembers their dreams should be writing them down. Because you just never know what is going to happen, and what you will discover after reviewing the pages, sometimes even decades later. Those crazy dreams can really turn into actual events.

I knew that in 1994 I had dreamed about a dog my family would get three years later (but I didn’t know until years after it all happened). A very specific type of dog from the pound ( a large sheltie). There was something else I never realized until now.

At the time of the dream, I had just given up my beloved Samoyed dog to a very nice family, because my husband had gotten orders for us to move to Okinawa for his job in the military. I was heartbroken at having to give her up.

One day I had this dream that I was with a woman who was surrounded by dogs, and one dog stood out- a large Sheltie, and she told me she got him from the pound. He did turn out to be the dog we would get 3 years later. And I wasn’t doing journal reviews that far back at that time, so it was years until I saw it. But now, I know there is even more to the dream than I had realized. Since we got that Sheltie, I have had 6 more dogs. I currently have 4 dogs. That woman surrounded by dogs was ME!

Imagine meeting your future self in a dream. You have come back to help yourself out. In this case, to provide some level of comfort in my grief (without spilling the beans)... don’t worry, you will have more dogs. I did not recognize myself as I appear now, some 23 years later...

And I shared this with a group I belong to last week. It’s fair to say most of them would find it extremely hard to believe. If I had not had all the amazing dream experiences I have recorded, I too might find it hard to believe. They might even question my sanity! One of them suggested that I tailor my story to appeal to middle of the road people. My job is not to tailor my experiences for anyone. I do my best to share them as truthfully as I can, and I don’t try to puff them up or deflate them to suit a particular audience. If I feel genuine excitement or awe from them, that’s part of it, and part of how it will be transmitted to others.

My precognitive dreams have not been the kind that are designed to help people out with their current situations. They haven’t been designed to help me out on a conscious level. They have been a trail of clues. Examples of what can happen. And what can happen for anyone, not just me.

Middle of the road does not get attention in this noisy world. I didn’t go out of my way to create outlandish dreams. At least my waking self did not conspire to do this. But now with decades of interesting dream experiences, it’s time to reach out and share. I can only hope to impact someone on the brink of opening the door to their own dream journey.

To break through the noise though, you have to hit a nerve or have some level of shock value for people. If they are not ready to hear it, there is nothing wrong with that. But one day years from now, they might turn a corner and suddenly feel pulled to these type of experiences. We are so lacking in people sharing their dream experiences, we don’t grow up hearing about it, and it’s almost taboo. Hearing the story of another can unlock similar experiences for ourselves. So I don’t plan to aim for middle of the road.

When you have dreamed of your future self, future experiences and people by name you have not met yet, you know first hand there is more to life than the general population of humanity is currently being taught.

Take a chance, have a notebook by your bed. Write your dreams there. Share your dream stories. Ask others to share their dream stories with you.

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