When You Want Moral Leadership, Call an Agent

Now that Mel Gibson has received at least his first dose of punishment--and what were either he or ABC Television thinking?--maybe it's time to reduce the piling on to second gear for a moment. Just long enough to ask all the folks in Hollywood who have never, drunk or sober, said "f'ing schvarzeh" under their breath when a black cop gave them a traffic ticket to step forward, please. There, that reduces the crowd a little. Now, I'd like to see the hands of any Hollywoodite who's been east of La Brea or south of Washington in the past year. Excellent. We're very cozy now.
This is not to be understood as a defense of Mel Gibson, although, to be absolutely honest, in my slight dealings with him, I've found him more pleasant and less upsetting than certain persons on the other side of this discussion. And, yes, my family has suffered severely from anti-Semitism, so I don't excuse it in the least. But when Hollywood agents are lecturing us about there being more important things than money, it's time to call air traffic control and warn them about the pigs coming in on runway number one.