When You Watch The Presidential Debate With Your Kids..

"Mommy does the US have 20 trillion dollars?
Are they richer than other countries?
If they owe money, can't they print more?
Does the US still print money?
How old do you have to be President?
What's the youngest you can be to be President?
Who was the youngest president?
I think I agree with Trump, I don't think a baby should be killed at nine months.
Why would someone want to kill their baby?
Can't they just have the baby and give it away?
What happens if the President dies?
What happens if the VP dies?
Has that ever happened?
How many years experience does Trump have?
Is ISIS watching this?
Are Russian spies real?
Did he touch those women?
How do you know mommy?
Is her husband alive?
He's not Bill Gates, right?
Can the President of United States be arrested?
Has that ever happened? Who takes over? The VP?
Did Donald Trump pay his wife to marry him?
How did he get a beautiful wife when he's a bad person?
Wait, is Trump the person who never paid those people back who did work for him?
Isn't that illegal?
How can he still run for President?"

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