'When You Work At A Nonprofit' Tumblr Shows Brutally Honest Side Of Doing Good - And It's Hilarious!

LOOK: Nonprofit Tumblr Is Hilariously, Brutally Honest

When you're busy changing the world, it can be hard to find time to laugh.

But a new Tumblr called "When You Work At A Nonprofit" is the perfect antidote. The good-humored roundup of GIFs puts into words and pics the universal difficulties of grant-writing, donor outreach and hashtags longer than your work day. Leah Neaderthal and Leanne Pittsford, the founders of Lean Impact -- an organization that helps charities operate more efficiently -- started the Tumblr this week as a platform for people to share their experiences at nonprofits.

Although they did not anticipate it taking off quickly, "When You Work At A Nonprofit" has already reached about 100,000 hits and 200 GIF submissions daily, Neaderthal told the Huffington Post in an email.

The Lean Impact co-founders are hoping that their page helps improve the workplace atmosphere of nonprofits that Neaderthal feels "over-think things," she wrote to HuffPost.

Check out some of the blog's playful GIFs below:

When Someone Suggests You Write To Oprah, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Etc. As A Fundraising Idea


When Someone Says, 'We Should Start A Committee For This'


When Your Fundraising Event Is Catered By Grocery Store Meat & Cheese Platter


When Someone Offers To Donate Desktop Computers Running Windows 95


When Your Executive Director Asks You To Put In Some “Volunteer” Weekend Time Working A Booth


When I Figure Out How To Use Grants.Gov


When I Have To Write A Fundraising Email


When Staff Eat Last At A Fundraising Event


When A Donor Points Out An Email Typo To My Boss


To check out more GIFs from "When You Work At A Nonprofit" tumblr, click here.

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