When Young Black Women Command The Stage

Actress and Oakland native Rolanda Bell opens up about her absent father and the play produced by the Ubuntu Theater Project that brought them back together.

"I think that theater has the power to start a conversation and one of the ways it does that is you get to walk in someone else's shoes. But if you're always walking in the same person's shoes from the same background, you're not learning about the entire spectrum of humanity, you are constantly learning about one part of humanity." -- William Hodson, Co-Artistic Director, Ubuntu Director

This documentary is part of a new series by The Establishment featuring female artists in the Bay and New York City.

"You never just see women who are struggling. Come to Oakland. Come see the women who are fighting for financial aid just for Section 8 to have their families taken care of. Things like that should be shown. This is not a pity party, it's just that I'm strong and I'm fighting through the struggle.This is what people go through. --Rolanda Bell