Where Are They Now? The Bush White House (SLIDESHOW)

Since leaving the White House, members of the Bush administration have had varying experiences adjusting to a new reality.

President Bush, who was unrecognized by the greeter on a visit to a hardware store in Dallas, recently had to borrow chairs from his Secret Service detail when he and Laura hosted a dinner at their new home.

Laura recently told ABC News that she even had trouble getting the Dallas Morning News delivered.

Some former Bush officials, such as Attorney General Michael Mukasey and Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, have already picked up paying gigs. Others, such as Education Secretary Margaret Spellings and former AG Alberto Gonzales, have had trouble finding new jobs.

In fact, many of the 3,000 Bush political appointees are expected to have trouble finding new jobs, reports the Wall Street Journal. "They are getting a lot less than they expected," said one former official.

Click through this slideshow to see what has happened to members of the Bush administration: