Where Are You Getting Your News These Days?

There's no doubt in anyone's mind that we're living through some very tough times. I won't list the litany of tragic news stories that seem to be even more rampant these days than ever before because, let's face it, we don't need to hear about them again right now. But I did want to bring up one subject to you on this blog post and that is this -- where do you get your news?

I personally tend to favor The Daily Show and, until recently, The Colbert Report (Stephen! We miss you!). My heart was broken, and may never heal, to hear that Jon Stewart is stepping down from late night television. My immediate thought was this: how will I know what's going on in the world? We now know that Jon is abdicating the throne later this year. How will we get through the next Presidential Election?

Now, just to be clear, there are a few others I turn to for my news. I love John Oliver, having cheered him on last summer when he subbed for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. His weekly show on HBO Sunday nights is a hoot, and I highly recommend it. Sometimes he nails it so well I'm wiping the tears from my eyes. I'm also a big fan of men with English accents. Jon really can pick them. After all, he picked Colbert, John Oliver, and many others. I've no doubt Trevor Noah, whom he picked to succeed him on The Daily Show later this year, will be great. But he's not Jon. No one is.

This is by no means the only way I glean knowledge of what's happening in the world. Occasionally I watch Charlie Rose. But he sometimes seems way too intellectual for me -- I prefer a touch of dark humor when I'm digesting tragedy. Is it me, or does CNN seem a little bit too excited when they have a cruise ship sinking or a plane crash to cover? Mere moments after something on the order of this occurs, the graphics kick in and the tragedy has a name that sounds more like a reality show than a news story.

So that brings me back to my original question -- where do you get your news? And where will you get your news once Jon Stewart leaves us? I'd love to hear your comments below!

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