Where Are Your Children?

Where Are Your Children?
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It is not a secret that Stalin's daughter, Svetlana, moved to the United States.

It does not end there.

It is little known that Putin's daughters also live abroad. The youngest daughter ,Catherine, lives permanently in Munich, Germany, and the senior daughter, Maria, lives in Holland, in the village of Vorshooten, near the Hague.

Vice Speaker of the State Duma's daughter, Lisa, lives in the UK. So does the daughter of Svetlana Nesterova, a member of the State Duma.

The daughter of ex-speaker of the DG, one of the founders of the "United Russia" party, and now a member of the Security Council, Boris Gryzlov, Yevgenia, lives in Tallinn and recently got Estonian citizenship.

Former Education Minister, Andrey Fursenko, his son, Alexander, lives permanently in the United States. (1)

This is a partial list.

When we look at businessmen, especially oligarchs, the phenomena of sending your family abroad is even more prevalent. I know businessmen who travel every Friday morning to Switzerland to be with their family and fly back to Moscow to work on Monday morning. Or businessmen who have their family in London or Cyprus. And commute.

Compare this to how many political leaders in the U.S.A. leave permanently and live abroad rather than the USA.

Does this tell you anything?

Tell me how many people want to join your company or immigrate to your country vs. how many leave or want to leave if they could and I will tell you how healthy your company or country is.

One sign of declining health in a country or in a company or in a marriage is how many people want to join that system versus how many want to leave that system if they could.

That applies to personal life too. How comfortable are you in your own skin? Do you like your own company or are you constantly looking for opportunities to be absent from your own presence? Do you get drunk or stoned or are you a workaholic so that you do not feel or notice who and where you are?

Integration is the sign of health ,and disintegration is the sign of disease whether it is in a country, company, family or individual level.

The word "healing" and the word "whole" are related. The way you heal a system is by making it a whole. The word peace in Hebrew, "Shalom," comes from the same root as the word for "complete," whole, "Shalem."

When people greet each other in Hebrew the words used are "Shalom Aleychem," peace be with you, because peace is equivalent to health, to well being, and that happens when we are integrated rather than falling apart.

Just thinking,
Ichak Kalderon Adizes


(1) http://vk.com/sibir_18


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