Where Could 'Yes' Lead You?

Throughout our lives we are faced with countless decisions.

We naturally shy or even run away from things which will make us feel uncomfortable.

We often avoid things which appear challenging or even moderately difficult.

Our biological makeup pulls us towards safety, comfort and convenience.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." -- Neale Donald Walsch

Through our human fight-or-flight response which appears so often in our lives, we have become programmed to say no and miss so many opportunities which are disguised as challenges.

In my 27 years wandering this planet, I have come to discover that the most memorable, progressive moments of our lives happen when we say yes. That doesn't mean we're always ready, sometimes far from it. However, these opportunities truly lead to the breakthroughs we are all seeking.

Many people in your life will say you're not ready or the time just isn't quite right. Well, I don't believe we're ever truly ready for any of the great leaps in our lives -- but we must step up and embrace them.

I urge you to let "yes" into your life and see where it can lead you.