Where Did Our Femininity Go?

It sounds like a funny concept but seriously, where did it go? We are obviously women, we obviously look like women yet we aren’t connecting with our feminine. So what’s going on?

Let’s take a step back and look at us as humans as a whole. We are made up of both masculine and feminine energy. It’s the yin and yang that we hear about. Each human, whether man or woman, has both energies running through their body. Think about it this way - masculine is a slow moving energy that’s more linear and structured, a protective energy. Our feminine energy is more free flowing in swirls and movement going from here to there and a nurturing energy. For a visual, think of your legs being your foundation, your masculine energy and your arms your protection to wrap around you. Your legs and arms are linear and structured. Your stability and your protection. Your body from your hips to the top of your head is the feminine energy. Your body can move and swivel - you can bend at the waist, you can snake through the air, you can circle your ribs and shoulders, roll your neck etc. This is our free flowing part of the body. It’s also where we grow little humans, where we nurture and feed from. It’s our feminine.

Now let’s get back to what I mean by “Where Did Our Femininity Go?”

We live in a time where women are fully stepping up and taking on more and more leadership roles. However, that is coming at a cost. We feel (I’m including myself in this) that in order to be respected and move up the ladders we need to be more aggressive, assertive and independent which are all masculine tendencies. So as women stepping into the masculine energy as our primary, we are loosing our femininity or pushing it to the back burner while we focus all our masculine energy on our career and finances. Which I’m not saying that we shouldn’t but I’m pointing out that when, we as women, aren’t coming from our natural energy we will begin to feel like we’re forcing or pushing the boulder up the hill or even feeling stuck and stagnant.

But there is good news and I would even go so far to say there is amazing news and that is this: we can still be badass leaders while being in our feminine energy. Something even more exciting then that, is while we’re doing this from our feminine energy, alignment and synchronicity will begin to show through.

There is no reason why you can’t be successful and accomplish everything you desire while leading and being fully in your feminine energy.

So how do you connect with your femininity? You dance, you move, you allow yourself to feel emotion and accept that based on our hormones we think a little bit differently and that’s okay. When you are feeling be in that and express how and what you’re feeling in a concise and clear manner so everyone around you can understand. Explain the “why” and you’ll be able to help your friends, colleagues, family and everyone else see your point of view and lead from there. When people know the “why” and can clearly understand it’s easier for them to get one board or even support you fully. It’s a beautiful thing. Then from there you continue to connect and open yourself up to feeling good about yourself. Knowing that your body and mind are a temple no matter when your body type. Moving away from being in your head constantly and get into your body and emotions. You are superwoman, you are your own happy place, you can do anything that you put your time and energy into. Just make sure it’s right for you. Forget about the taboos and what society thinks - what do you think? What do you want? Do it by connecting with yourself first - it all starts with you. Grab life by the ovaries and Live Your DASH Now!

Whatever you do, go big...don’t go home.

Kirsten Asher is the creator of The SlowBURN Method which teaches women to transform their bodies and minds in order to ignite their sensuality and connect to their sexuality by tapping into their primal femininity through an integrated approach of movement, dance and transformational exercises. Visit TheSlowBURNMethod.com for more information.

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