Where Do You Stand With Him?

Wondering where you stand with him is not a place you want to be.  To avoid this, you should have this short conversation as soon as you can if you’ve been dating for a while.  Ideally, you could say something like this, “I can’t say for sure what the future holds, but right now I don’t want to be with anyone else.  I don’t want to date anyone but you.”  Then go from there.  

If you didn’t have that conversation here are some tips that can help you determine where you stand.  However, it’s never safe to assume so please have “the talk” as soon as you can. Except, don’t call it The Talk. :-)

Here are some facts and questions you can ask yourself to gauge where you stand with him:

  1. He calls you for no reason.  He takes the initiative and calls or texts.  Just wants to say hi or check to see you’re ok, etc…
  2. He seeks out your company and makes time for you…  Not just at NIGHT.  He wants to hang out.  He invites you to his spots.  You have lunch together or go on dates, not just him coming over for sex.
  3. He takes you around his friends and family.  A man that is considering having you permanently in his life cares what his friends and family thinks about you.
  4. He listens when you speak.  Did you say you liked that “thing” in the magazine or at the mall and then boom…  He got it for your birthday or Valentine’s or just because???  He’s LISTENING when you talk.
  5. He brags about you when you’re not around.  (Enough said)
  6. He takes every chance possible to be YOUR hero, to save YOUR day.  Whether he comes when you have a flat tire, kills a bug, helps you in any other significant way…  He’s the one doing it and doesn’t want you to call anyone else.
  7. He likes to touch you, tickle your feet, play with your hair, hug you, holds your hand while driving…  He just likes to touch you! (Even those imperfections you don’t like, he loves)
  8. He supports what you’re into and is genuinely interested in your success and happiness…  He owns your passions, your dreams and wants to help you achieve them.
  9. He asks for your advice.  He values YOUR opinion.
  10. When he speaks does he say “we” more than he says “I”?
  11. Where does he spend his weekends?
  12. He answers your calls and texts.
  13. How does he spend his holidays?  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Father’s Day, etc… Does he bring you around his family?
  14. He proclaims himself as “your man”.  It can’t get any clearer than that!
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