Where Does Happiness Live?

happy woman under a tree in...
happy woman under a tree in...

I was sitting in a nearby park the other day, having my home-made lunch. I had included all of my favourite ingredients in my lunch. It was a very good lunch.

It was the kind of day that would make everybody happy. It was spring, and the sun was shining.

I had chosen to sit under a tree, so that I could enjoy the dappled light coming through the leaves. I had purposely sat as far away from anyone else as I could.

I was so happy in the peace and quiet. Being in nature, eating nourishing food and enjoying time with myself. I was feeling incredibly blessed and grateful.

I was very happy. About five minutes later a woman began walking towards me. She was talking very loudly on her mobile phone. I felt myself tensing up.

I was thinking, "Don't sit anywhere near me." She then sat about five meters way from me. Suddenly my happiness was gone. Bam!

It was now replaced with irritation. A frown. Long, deep sighs.

"Why does she have to speak so loud? Can she not see I am happy in the quiet?" My tension was building. "Why has she sat so close to me? This park is huge, she could have sat anywhere!"

More sighs and frowning from me. I think I was unconsciously hoping she would feel my vibes and remove herself far away from me.

As I turned in the other direction I saw a second woman walking towards me waving wildly to 'the stealer of my happiness'.

Oh great, I thought, here we go. The first woman jumped up and they walked towards each other.

When they are about one meter away from each other the first women greeted her friend by saying, "Hello beautiful lady." The second woman responded by saying, "Hello sunshine."

They hugged each other and then went off to sit where the first lady had been sitting.

Suddenly I found myself grinning from ear to ear. I wanted to be sitting with them!

Wow, I thought. If women greeted each other like this more often, we would operate on a completely different level.

If our words to each other were always geared to uplift, nourish and inspire each other, we would feel safer stepping out.

If our intention was to have the women in our company feel beautiful and valued, we would all live more fully.

And if our happiness was not determined by outside circumstances, we could create happiness whenever we chose to.

No one can take away our happiness unless we allow them to. Note to self.