The Question We've Always Wanted To Ask Flight Attendants, Answered

09/07/2014 07:02am ET | Updated December 6, 2017

Sleeping on the job isn't encouraged in most workplaces, but if you're a flight attendant on a long-haul flight, it's a must. And now we know where flight attendants sleep, at least on a certain aircraft.

On the as-designed Boeing 787 Dreamliner, flight attendants can duck into a secret room to go to bed. The quarters actually look pretty spacious and comfy to us, even though we'll probably never even get to see them in person.

crew sleeping quarters

Pilots also get the chance to sit back and relax on long flights, and their sleeping quarters don't look bad either.

pilot sleeping quarters

pilot sleeping quarters

Over on the Boeing 777, a spokesperson said that overhead crew rests look like this, a little different from the Dreamliner.

Though Boeing confirmed that crew rests do indeed exist and sent us a picture of one, no other airlines reached for comment confirmed that these particular quarters are on their Dreamliner fleets.

crew rests

More images of flight attendant sleeping quarters also recently surfaced on Imgur. Of course, the site notes that sleeping area setups look different from plane to plane. But that doesn't diminish their epic-ness:

Now that we've got that settled, we're just going to go ahead and ask for larger sitting quarters for us passengers. Don't make us break out our banned Knee Defender!

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