Where Have All My Peeps Gone??? Voting Guide

Last night, I got involved in a brawl. ONLINE!! (How is this possible)?? Fight? It's through a screen, and it's not real. Right?

In my ever-declining appreciation of the reality that is today's politics -- I have boycotted the news for the last two days. Since Cruz and Kasich dropped out. So awful is this new reality -- that I am scared. I thought eight years of George W. was bad enough.

I was proud of Huffington Post for being almost the only place that refused to cover Donald Trump, just in entertainment. Every piece ended with this:

'Note to our readers: Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims -- 1.6 billion members of an entire religion -- from entering the U.S.'

The day after Trump won New Hampshire, the Huff Posts' headline said it all.

'A Racist, Sexist Demagogue Just Won The New Hampshire Primary. Congrats New Hampshire.'

I felt so relieved!! Not so alone. Because it seems to me that the laid-back response to this guy has been remarkable. Kid gloves, though he complains. But he's had three wives, with foreign accents (wall, anybody)? He wants to build a wall. In America!!

He should have been called out on his behavior from Day One. On Morning Joe, they've acted as if everything this guy did was hilarious. Look, I was a fan of 'The Apprentice.' Not a hater till this monster took it's place. But on Morning Joe, they acted like they were hosting a big party. At a Town Hall they had just for him, they literally did not ask him a question. In fact, I joined the MSNBC website so I could comment on their site.

I wrote: "It'd be awesome fun to watch you all hang out and laugh. Adorable except that he is running for President. And you are journalists."

So, the evening Trump won New Hampshire, in the middle of the night, I was online. I just couldn't believe it. And I happened upon the Huff Post with their 'congrats' article. I felt, not so alone! However, I started to read -- it seemed like thousands? People accusing the Huffington Post of so many things and having an agenda. Couldn't believe there wasn't a lot of 'long live Arianna.' (In fact, I wrote them a post and said I thought their site might have been hacked). Shuffle off to The New York Daily News, also around midnight, which had a similar headline of disbelief about the New Hampshire results. Again, hundreds of comments. I said something about them being hacked, too.

Things shouldn't have been allowed to get as far as they did. I remember thinking -- it seems so long ago, now -- the very first time he had his henchmen beat someone up -- is that legal, I'm not sure?? -- but I remember thinking, 'he doesn't realize, he's not at a private party. If he's the President, all these people are his constituents.'

He should not have made it past the kerfuffle with Megan Kelly when he refused to show up. She said his own words to him! I imagined the next morning this whole nightmare would be over. How can someone think they can govern all kinds of people when they refuse to show up for anything?

But his numbers go up.

I actually felt relieved when there were demonstrators in Chicago. I felt not so alone!! The night before, he had refused to take back the actions of his henchmen (I think). The next day, rioting. Unfortunately, it didn't bring out people who were able to give the very valid reasons they were protesting. When questioned, they didn't have a great rap. He was able to turn it to his advantage.

Still, I held my breath that by the next day, if he were a human, he would have made it a teachable moment, much like Barack Obama did during his campaign when he showed us several examples of how it might feel, to live as a black man.

The next day, only Marco Rubio seemed human. The news shows all took Trumps's calls.

Unfortunately, because I am ultimately a fair person, the one thing I cannot contest is that this guy has won these numbers, it seems fair and squarely.

I signed a petition to Obama to have Trump charged with a crime -- offering to pay the legal fees of people who got beat up? -- and every second of these events are broadcast live on TV -- and yet nothing happens to him. People who protested outside his event last week at the Marriott Hotel in Orange County, California, I believe, were charged with a crime.

Who could have missed -- by the way --- the hilarity of seeing The Donald climb over the wall behind the Marriott? Yes, this tough guy with a Twitter account did not have the courage to face his accusers and snuck over the wall in the back. Funny, like watching him rub elbows with Mika and Joe.

Which brings me to Bernie Sanders. I am not completely a fan. Only because, he does not stand a chance. That makes his supporters point a finger at me as if I have committed a grand crime. Fair enough. Again, like Donald Trump, this guy has engendered a movement so surprising, that I don't really mind that he wants to go further -- along the way. He has sort of earned it.


The vitriol with which people are targeting Hillary Clinton has been breathtaking to me. For the record, I'm not her biggest fan -- and I only say that because I do not like her personality when she is campaigning. But who cares? Apparently, the death of Antonin Scalia was not as terrifying to everyone in my party as it was to me. Guess not!! I decided that day that I better get on board, however much I could. I am a huge Joe Biden fan. Am always surprised when political campaigns don't choose the kind of-unflawed ones, but that's another story.

So again, I'm not racing out with enthusiasm for anyone this season, for a variety of reasons. However, recently, Hillary Clinton was at George Clooney's house for a Democratic fundraiser (editor's note, he's my husband -- kidding)!! I was horrified to see that people were protesting her. Throwing money at her car! I'm not sure what sparked in me at that sight. As a long-time member of the ACLU, I would march for everyone's right to march. However, people came out of their comfortable homes and did this??? How come all those people aren't more scared of the Republican nominees?

Again, in the mind-wrapping that my head has had to do these last few months, I really believe that protesting Hillary Clinton is now dangerous. (Yes, Donald Trump is effing dangerous).

It feels like there is a collective insanity we have entered. I don't know how else to explain it. I literally feel that we might be suffering some kind of collective stroke. I cannot stop thinking how 'this has really happened.' Hardly thinking Cruz or Kasich was a choice -- but somehow them leaving the race has startled me.

Last night, there was a rally Clinton spoke at, in East Los Angeles. There were hundreds of protestors, outside. Really???? As I said, the Bernie supporters are -- as a unity -- starting to horrify me. It feels like the Tea Party, gone awry!! Funny that it doesn't seem like Bernie's even been a Democrat for all that long (just like I don't believe that Donald Trump is a true Republican).

I have no clue who it was protesting against Hillary. However, it kind of pissed me off. I was looking online to get a sense of what had gone on -- and I stumbled onto a conversation that was happening about the event (in real time, this was mid-afternoon, yesterday).

I went on the site, and it was something called 'Against Bernie Sanders, and for Hillary.' Okay. I'm not either team, but I thought I'd just hit 'Join,' nonetheless. But first, I started to read some of the posts.

Nasty, nasty stuff about Bernie Sanders, just saying. 'He's got a big ego and doing all this for attention', etc. I don't quite believe that, but so what? Still, the majority of the posts seemed spectacularly negative, given that's what they were accusing Sanders of doing. However, since this was a pro-Hillary crowd, I assumed it would be a bit more tempered and reasonable than the Sanders crowd has recently gotten.

I decided only to post under the comment that had gotten me to that page, which was about her speech that was literally going on as we spoke.

I was writing stuff about -- and I do think I am this way -- stuff that was fairly middle of the road. I kept asking, 'why aren't we protesting Trump?'

The response I got was unbelievable. Accused me of being a troll, a Trump supporter. So many ... responses, and I kept getting them from these people for much of the night.

I truly now believe that protesting against Hillary Clinton -- though your right -- could possibly lead to the building of this wall at the bottom of my state and many other 'tremendous' things! However, the fact that there wasn't an iota of 'reasonable-ness' on this 'Hillary page' has lead me to wonder what the heck's happening to our collective sanity.

The hilarious thing is that for months I have been trying to convince myself -- and saying to friends -- because the minute Trump started to run, nothing about this whole campaign has made sense.

I've wondered -- hoped --- if Trump was having an affair with Hillary.

And maybe now we can -- all share -- a collective 'ew.' (So I don't feel so alone).