Malcolm Gladwell: Where I Like To Read

My favorite place to read is airplanes.
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Books Editor: This is the first of a new series on HuffPost Books, where we ask authors where they like to read -- and what they most recently read there.

My favorite place to read is airplanes. I find flying incredibly soothing and the fact that my phone doesn't ring (and no-one else's rings either) is a special bonus.

I just came back from a long cross-county flight and read the bulk of the new Steve Jobs biography. Do you know how when you want a movie on the plane all your emotional reactions are heightened--and you cry at the sillest most sentimental things? Well, I find the same thing when i'm reading a book on a plane, and that made the end of the biography--as Jobs is getting sicker and sicker--an incredibly moving experience.

I have been walking around every since with Jobs inside my brain. Usually i read thrillers on planes--which means I have spies on the brain for the next few days. Given the choice, I guess I'd have rather have Jobs.

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