Where is The American Gentlemen?

Republican candidate, Donald Trump behaves like a sulky old man. Americans are willingly bullying each other online and many have an ego-centric mentality. Where have American gentlemen gone?

That's what people around the world are asking. For years people abroad have witness American behavior collapse drastically on several areas.

Back in the old days American men were synonymous with well behaving, stylish and kind people who had a socially accepted etiquette. They hold the door up for the ladies, talked to them as equals and with respect. They even used to eat with a fork and a knife. Americans were always dressing sharp, were well-articulated and could behave themselves in any circumstances. Their spouses were treated like queens.

The past two to three decades a lot has changed. American men are now known as selfish, rude with terrible manners. Sentences that includes words like: "Dude", "That ass" and "f_king awesome" is blended in to the language for today's Americans - the more younger these adult-Americans are - even worse is the language.

To hold a door open for someone, help another person or saying kind and nice words is quite unusual these days, especially in the dating world of Tinder and other dating apps, where to be an idiot seems to be a better idea than being a polite gentleman.

Online, people are bullied by other Americans and I will spare you to repeat all the trash-comments you can find in the different forums on the world-web. What all Americans should ask themselves are: Should they allow this bad circle to continue or do they want a change?

The truth is, wearing a nice suit or having lots of money doesn't automatically make you a gentleman. One sulky and grumpy Donald Trump is a living example of that - talking women and Mexicans down and acts like he is the owner of America. Why does he have such rage and lack of respect to other people and especially women? Where are honor, integrity, and courtesy? And where is the gentleman's approach? So it is perhaps not that surprising that American youth has trouble behaving good when we have such poor role models, as Donald Trump that is devoid of upbringing.

There are also other circumstances that make a man struggle in today's America. The traditional role of man has shifted with feminism, but feminism doesn't stand for replacing men, as some women and men may think, but for backing of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Some men will therefore struggle to find their role in today's settings. A man, who in a polite way showing interest for a woman can be viewed as an antifeminist. And how many of us men haven't heard we should act like this or that - like a real man do. The problem is that real men in today's America have problem to behave properly, as they want to be in danger to step on some toes. But that doesn't excuse poor behavior, but it may explain some of it. Before, we had clear social rules - things men did and didn't do. A dress code. There were unwritten rules. Men knew what men stand for and would behave thereafter.

The bottom line is that many people both in out- and inside of America don't like the development in the American society when it comes to the lack of respect for other individuals - no matter what gender you or age are. There is no excuse to bully other people- to don't be kind to others and showing empathy, to speak nice or to have more integrity.

If fact, if the bad circle continues I know quite many people who will exclude America from their travel plans, and all of them are fine gentlemen.