Where is the Outrage During the Presidential Debates?

So two front page stories in my Sunday paper grab my attention:

"Broken Supply Channels Sent Arms For Iraq Astray." "...billions of dollars in arms handed over to shoestring commands without oversight."

"Death of a Spy Satellite Program; How Lofty Plans and Unrealistic Bids Wasted Billions."

And as I choke, I think:

Tuesday night, when the Democrat candidates debate, am I going to hear them clawing at each other once again -- or am I going to see some representation of the pent up anger and bitterness and outright disgust most Americans are feeling for the near tragic situations the current administration has so ineptly and imprudently mismanaged, and, while winking to its neo-con and corporate supporters, lied and weedled and obfuscated its way into?

Take a look at those two headlines again. And then add to them the cost overruns everywhere this administration dallies and shops and wars (at a cost of $10 billion per month) and extends itself uninvited in our name, not to mention Blackwater and Halliburton and on and on and on -- and how DO our candidates let the opposition get away with the canard that they, the Democrats, are the big spenders?

And notice the word "canard," which came from a reluctance to say it the way I feel it -- and that would be to label a big fucking lie the big fucking lie it is! When are my candidates going to show more outrage, directed to the opposition, than this poor fool is able to express in more appropriate language?