Where Is Your Treasure?

As with any Pirate movie, first they are looking for a map, to locate an "Incredible Treasure." It's quite an adventure, with many obstacles along the way. Within each of us, there is also a MAP which will tell us where to look for our personal treasure.

The map has all your desires, ambitions and dreams on it, and it will give you clues of where you must look to live those dreams. You need to know, that before you discover the treasure, there will be opportunities that you must NOT miss, plus, skills and lessons you must learn. There also will be people that you will need to meet to ask for help. They have special information to give you, to help along your journey. You will never be able to find your treasure alone. The search for the map must also change you, to become the person you were meant to be. Every time you make positive changes you get closer to the life you always wanted.

Most people never live their lives of full potential or dreams because they've never looked for their map. They were told to stop looking for it, and that it is an unrealistic and unachievable quest. Only when you stop believing in them and start believing in you will your journey begin. To live your destiny requires letting go of the past and willing to leave where you live. Your treasure is never buried under the comfort of your home. LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE. LIVE IT!

Remember, your dreams are not meant to be an escape from life. Dreams are meant to lead you towards fulfilling your purpose of your life, so you must take them seriously.

First clue: Listen to your Instincts & your Heart, they will be your GPS to your "TREASURE".


​​​​​​​When you open your treasure, life becomes clear, and you know "WHY" you were born!

"You can either be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of your treasure. It all depends on how you see your life."
Paulo Coelho

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