This Gay Comedy Mystery Series Dedicated To The Bear Community Is Returning

But it needs your help.

A popular and unconventional web series dedicated to the bear community is slated to come back for a sixth season ― but it needs your support to fund production.

“Where The Bears Are” has enjoyed five highly successful seasons, straddling the genres of both comedy and mystery. With over 23 million views worldwide, the show is now turning to you for support in order to make this latest season a reality.

“This kind of representation is important because you’re just not going to see a show on network TV or cable about a bunch of big, hairy gay men in middle age,” co-creator Ben Zook told The Huffington Post. “It’s just not going to happen. Our show is unapologetically gay, and sexy and funny and the world needs a positive depiction of gay men loving, having sex and nurturing friendships ― especially in today’s current political climate. “

Check out the video above to learn more or head here to visit the project’s Kickstarter.

Welcome back, boys!



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