We Bet You Can't Tell Where That Bottle Came From (VIDEO)


Visual perception is tricky business. Just take a look at this clever new video posted by magician-turned-psychologist Richard Wiseman -- and see if you can figure out where that bottle comes from before Wiseman explains.

Stumped? Don't worry. The camera is set up in a way that will keep tricking your mind no matter how many times you watch the video.

"This illusion could only work on camera or for a single person (or small group of people) viewing from a *specific single perspective,*" Dr. Stephen Macknik, a neuroscientist at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, told HuffPost Science in an email.

"This method would have failed if we had access to stereoscopic cues (the ability to use two eyes as a depth gauge)," added Macknik, who specializes in visual perception. "But that information was denied to us since the scene was shot with a single camera, and since we could not see it live," he added.

Now you know!



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