Where The Boys Are: When We Look At Bernie Sanders, What Do We See?

In 1960, The American writer Glendon Swarthout, ultimately best known for his novels of the Old West, published a sex farce about a frank, lusty Midwestern college girl named Merrit who goes to Fort Lauderdale for spring break to cruise for well-heeled ass. It’s March of 1958, and across the Straits of Florida Fidel Castro has called for a general revolt against the Batista regime, but Merrit and her several boyfriends are uninterested. “Most of us had seen stuff about it in the papers,” she admits in her frank, lusty way, “but had paid no attention because we were making our own current events.” But while getting wasted in a nightclub one evening, they meet a local stripper who happens to be a committed Castroite and imparts to them the glories of the Cuban revolution. 

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