Where To Find Face Mask Filters And Face Masks With Filter Pockets

Experts say you should have a filter in your face mask if you can.

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Experts we talked to said it's best have a filter in your face mask. So we found the places that are selling face mask filters and have face masks with pockets for filters.

Like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, face masks have become a (necessary) hot commodity. Lot of us are trying to find them, only to see them out of stock. That’s what happened at Nordstrom last week, for example ― masks sold out in two days.

Still, you’re probably looking for a face mask to wear when you’re out on a neighborhood walk or getting groceries for the week. And you’ll definitely want to get one that’ll be effective and easy to breathe in, especially as we head into the summer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised in April that everyone should be wearing a face mask when going outside. But you shouldn’t be buying the medical masks that doctors wear ― leave those for the health professionals who really need them.

You should opt instead for cloth face masks that are made of cotton, have two or more layers and fit your face without gaping, according to the experts we talked to. They recommended finding filters for face masks, which should be placed between two layers in a mask. One expert specifically mentioned getting HEPA filters, which we’ve spotted at Amazon.

Right now, it’s pretty hard to find face masks with filters already attached to them. If you’re having a hard time finding one, you can instead look for face masks with filter pockets so you can add your own filters using things around the house, like coffee filters and paper towels.

Below, we’ve rounded up both where you can buy face mask filter replacements and face masks with filter pockets, so that you don’t have to search to the end of the internet.

Check out the brands that have face mask filters and face masks with filter pockets:

BAGGU has face masks with pockets for filters, but the brand doesn't actually carry filters. The masks are made with quilter's cotton, which is a tight weave that is thicker but breathable.

Find BAGGU's three-pack of masks for $32.
Casetify has masks in packs of one, three and 10. Each mask comes with two filters. The brand offers filters in packs of 10 for $10 that can be reused, but they recommended replacing them after seven days of daily use.

Find Casetify's masks starting at $15 and 10-pack of filters for $10.
Etsy has lots of face masks with pockets, but this one is among the site's best-sellers. The set includes one mask with a pocket and five filters, which should be tossed after one use.

Find this mask and filter set for $11 at Etsy.
Steve Madden
Steve Madden
Steve Madden now has pocket masks in different colors and prints, including leopard and tie-dye. The brand offers a pack of 20 filters, too.

Find Steve Madden's mask for $15 and a pack of 20 filters for $25.
We were surprised, too: This mattress brand has its own face masks now. Avocado's face masks are made with organic cotton and have a pocket for a filter. The masks come in adult and kid sizes.

Find Avocado's pack of four masks for $30.
Madewell's masks, which come in limited-edition prints, already include a filter that doesn't actually have to be removed — just wash them along with the mask. Each mask has three layers.

Find Madewell's three-pack of masks for $20.
Maisonette has a selection of pretty printed masks for kids and adults. The adult face masks we've seen, including this airplane printed one and a blue flowered one, have an inner pocket for another layer or liner.

Find this mask from Maisonette for $16.
The Odells
The Odells
The Odells have both adult and kid face masks. You can pick between a pack with a single mask or one with six. The brand doesn't carry filters, but each mask features an interior pocket for a filter to fit in.

Find The Odells single mask for $10 and pack of six for $54.
Rendall Co.
Rendall Co.
Rendall Co. has two masks, the Ace and Sentry. The Ace has ear loops, and the Sentry has cotton ties. Each has two layers of cotton and a built-in pocket to add your own filter.

Find Rendall Co.'s Sentry Mask for $19.
Revolve has quite a collection of face masks. But only some of them have space for filters, including all of the ones from brand 8 Other Reasons. This face mask from VARIANT comes with eight replacement filters.

Find this mask for and filter set for $30 at Revolve.
Vida's masks have been popular with HuffPost readers. The masks come in singles, pairs or four-packs and come with a filter. You can get packs of activated carbon filters there, too.

Find Vida's four-pack of masks for $36 at 5-pack of filters for $12.
Vistaprint's reusable masks have a replaceable filter system and come in both adult and kid sizes. The brand also offers packs of 10 fiber filters.

Find Vistaprint's masks for $18 and the pack of 10 filters for $10.
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