7 Underrated Places To Buy Houseplants Online

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Where to buy affordable plants online, so you can bring the outdoors in.
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Where to buy affordable plants online, so you can bring the outdoors in.

Plants make us feel happier, calmer, relaxed and more productive, so it’s no surprise we like to fill our most intimate spaces with their energizing greenery. But, before you can begin to find creative ways to store, hang, and display your plants, you need to find out which plants to buy, and where to buy them.

Popping down to your local nursery or greenhouse is perhaps the best option, but it’s not always feasible for folks in rural areas and those who don’t have a car and instead rely on public transportation.

Sometimes, purchasing your plants online is the easiest, smartest option, but there are a few things to remember. Buying plants online can sometimes be pricier than buying them in person, so do some price comparison to make sure that what you’re paying online is, in fact, a good deal.

Even more important, read the reviews of the seller to better understand how the plants are packaged, what they were like upon delivery, and how they differ from the photos online. Reviewers are your friends.

To help you find the best sites to buy plants online, we’ve curated some of our favorite online plant sellers so you can bring the outdoors in

Below, take a look at 7 underrated sites to buy houseplants:

Bloomscape is an online shop that delivers plants directly from the greenhouse to your front door. The brand just unveiled a Mojave-inspired cacti collection, including everything from a Prickly Pear Cactus and a Hedge Cactus to an extra large Yucca cane. For cacti beginners, we recommend this mini Mojave collection that includes a Golden Barrel Cactus, a Fairy Castles Cactus and a Bullwinkle Cactus. If you're not into cacti, however, there's plenty of other greenery to browse at Bloomscape.

Check out plants at Bloomscape.
The Bouqs Co.
Don't let the name fool you. Though Bouqs does specialize in beautifully designed bouquets and floral arrangements for all kinds of occasions, the brand has also branched into plants you can order online. Browse a selection of everyday house plants like a snake plant and a Zebrina plant, or choose from more unique greenery like yellow orchids and succulent sets. Bouqs is still delivering nationwide, too.

Check out plants at Bouqs.
Etsy isn't just a destination for cute planters and potters (although it's also that). The artisan-to-consumer marketplace also includes sellers who've cultivated quite the green thumb. And right now, those sellers need your online support more than ever. You'll find many Etsy shops that sell greenery, but our favorites include Spyloh, Hirts Gardens and Plant Crafting Co. for things like plants, veggies and even microgreens.

Check out plants on Etsy.
Plants.com is your destination for all things green. You'll find a wide selection of all kinds of plants, from flowering orchids and hearty bamboo plants to towering floor plants and even herbs.

Check out plants at Plants.com.
The Sill
The Sill delivers plants — either potted or not — with simple care instructions. Choose from plant categories that fit your lifestyle, like "pet-friendly," "low-light tolerant," "for beginners" and even "faux plants." The Sill recently also unveiled its first blooming-plants collection, featuring orchids and anthuriums.

Check out plants at The Sill.
Terrain is the home and garden sibling to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Whether you're looking for a house-warming gift for your coworker or a new houseplant for your living room, they have a curated selection of fresh greens that'll make your space feel vibrant and energized. Keep in mind that Terrain carries fresh bouquets and flowering plants like poppy bunches and iris bouquets as opposed to your typical houseplants.

Check out plants at Terrain.
You might typically think of UrbanStems for local flower and bouquet deliveries, but the brand also curates a large selections of plants like ZZ Plants and Pencil Cacti. Browse plants that align with your lifestyle, like air-purifying, low-light, low-maintenance and even pet-friendly.

Check out plants at UrbanStems.

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