Online Meat Delivery Services If Your Grocery Store Supply Is Low

Here's where you can order meat online if you've got a beef with your grocery store.

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We’ve rounded up some of the best online meat delivery services so you can determine which is best for your budget, dietary needs and lifestyle.
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We’ve rounded up some of the best online meat delivery services so you can determine which is best for your budget, dietary needs and lifestyle.

Consider yourself lucky if you were chowing down on burgers and hot dogs over the weekend. Many grocery stores have been experiencing major meat shortages because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has left many carnivores to wonder where to buy meat online in bulk and on the cheap — or if they should consider swapping to a plant-based diet for the time being.

There are plenty of online grocery delivery services that will deliver meat such as beef, chicken, pork and more to your house. But you might still find low stocks of specialty cuts such as steaks or more sustainably raised meats.

In that case, you might wonder if you can buy meat from Amazon if you’re already putting your Prime membership to good use these days. Turns out Amazon’s fresh grocery section has a relatively robust selection of meat and seafood, from organic ground beef to boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

If you’d prefer to shop from alternatives to big retailers such as Amazon and Walmart for your everyday essentials and groceries, there are plenty of other options to know about. They include meat subscription boxes from well-known online meat stores such as Omaha Steaks or ButcherBox. With these services, you can schedule it and forget about it. Many of these online meat services work with small farms to offer smaller portions and to ensure ethical or sustainable practices for the workers and livestock.

Often, you can find the same quality — and sometimes higher quality — meat from online meat shops, ranging from free-range chicken and grass-fed beef to specialty meats such as Italian sausage and prosciutto that you’d otherwise need to get from a butcher.

Whether you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to put dinner on the table or want to ensure you’ll have enough burgers at your next cookout, ordering your meat online might be a small way to make life easier these days.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best online meat delivery services, with details about product offerings and pricing so you can determine which is best for your budget, dietary needs and lifestyle.

Below, the best online meat delivery services to get meat delivered right to your house.

Porter Road
Porter Road
How It Works: Choose from a variety of dry-aged and hand-cut meat from Kentucky and Tennessee pastures from Porter Road.
Offerings: Pasture-raised beef, pork, chicken, lamb and sausage with no hormones or antibiotics.
Pricing: Find ground beef starting at $9 a pound and chicken breast starting at $19 for a two-pack. A $50 basics box includes a 4-pound assortment of chicken breast, steak and ground beef. Free shipping on orders over $100.
How To Try It: Visit Porter Road
How It Works: Professional chefs, private chefs, personal chefs, restaurant owners and other food professionals turn to D'Artagnan to stock up on meat supplies, but they also sell direct to consumer.
Offerings: Shop from specialty cuts of meat pork chops and duck breast, as well as ready-to-eat charcuterie and even pantry essentials like flavored butters and fancy oils. You'll also find staples like grilling cuts and roasting cuts.
Pricing: Find Wagyu beef patties starting at $11, Andouille Cajun-style sausage starting at $9 and even rack of lamb starting at $33. Right now, you'll find 25% off Fourth of July grilling favorites, too.
How To Try It: Visit D'Artagnan
Crowd Cow
Crowd Cow
How It Works: Select cuts you love, and try new new meats from the best farms with a totally customizable box delivered on your schedule with Crowd Cow.
Offerings: Choose froma wide variety of farm-fresh meat, including chicken breast, sirloin, ground beef, thick-cut bacon, wagyu beef and more. Grass-fed and free-range options available.
Pricing: A pound of chicken breast starts at $11 and a pound of ground beef starts at $8. Get free shipping on orders over $99.
How To Try It: Visit Crowd Cow
How It Works: Stock up on proteins such as domestic beef, pork and chicken, as well as sustainably raised and wild-caught seafood from Rastelli's.
Offerings: Find a wide variety of meat, including chicken breast, steak and pork sausage.
Pricing: Buy six 12-ounce packs of chicken breasts for $49 or four 1-pound packs of ground beef for $35. Shipping starts at $10, and there's free shipping on orders over $200
How To Try It: Visit Rastelli's
Butcher Box
How It Works: Choose one of their curated boxes or customize your own with high-quality beef, chicken or pork and have it delivered to your door with ButcherBox.
Offerings: Grass-fed and free-range options available.
Pricing: Curated boxes start at $129 for 8 to 11 pounds of meat (roughly 24 meals), and custom boxes are $149 for 9 to14 pounds of meat (roughly 30 meals). There are 21 cuts to choose from. Shipping is free.
How To Try It: Visit ButcherBox
Chicago Steak Co.
Chicago Steak Co.
How It Works:Chicago Steak Co. specializes in hand-cut, Midwest-raised premium Angus USDA prime beef cut by Chicago butchers.
Offerings: Find a wide variety of beef, ranging from filet mignon to rib-eye steaks.
Pricing: Find 12 ounces of filet mignon for $70. Get an ultimate grilling assortment box with 28 pieces of steak, chicken and burgers for $230. Shipping starts at $20.
How To Try It: Visit Chicago Steak Co.
How It Works:DeBragga has humble beginnings in New York City's Meatpacking District and now ships a wide variety of meats across the country.
Offerings: A variety of steaks, poultry, pork, sausage, duck and more.
Pricing: Find 3 pounds of New York strip steaks for $100 and 2 pounds of grass-fed beef burgers for $20. Shipping starts at $10.
How To Try It: Visit DeBragga
Omaha Steaks
Omaha Steaks
How It Works: A popular choice for gifting, Omaha Steaks offers a wide variety of steaks, burgers, poultry and entrees.
Offerings: Choose from steaks, ranging from rib-eyes to filet mignon, as well as chicken, pork, veal and more.
Pricing: Find chicken breast for $16 a pound and filet mignon for $38 a pound. Combo boxes of assorted meat start at $130, and you can even build your own.
How To Try It: Visit Omaha Steaks
Holy Grail Steak Co.
Holy Grail Steaks
How It Works:Holy Grail Steak Co. works with the most committed farmers, ranchers and abattoirs in the country and the world to bring you great steak. They are considered the nation's only online source for authentic Kobe beef from Japan.
Offerings: Find a variety of beef and steak from the U.S. and Japan, ranging from Kobe wagyu filet mignon to rib-eye steaks.
Pricing: Find a two-pack of wagyu burgers starting at $20 and an 8-ounce filet mignon for $65. Free shipping on orders over $200.
How To Try It: Visit Holy Grail Steak Co.
How It Works:QVC partners with a wide variety of brands such as Kansas City Steak Co. and Corky's to bring you fresh, high-quality meats.
Offerings: Find burgers and hot dogs for grilling season, as well as steaks and chicken.
Pricing: Find 12 beef hot dogs for $40 from Kansas City Steak Co. or Kevin O'Leary fully cooked sirloin roasts for $79. Shipping varies by vendor.
How To Try It: Visit QVC
Home Chef
Home Chef
How It Works: Known primarily as a meal kit delivery service, Home Chef also offers extra protein packs filled with beef, chicken and seafood that you can add to your existing order.
Offerings: Find protein packs with filet mignon and chicken breast or salmon and shrimp.
Pricing: Averages $10 per serving. Free shipping on orders over $45.
How To Try It: Visit Home Chef
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