Where to Find & Access Big Data to Drive Business Forward

With 2.1 billion people on the internet, the amount of data generated every second is overwhelming. Online purchases, sites visited, and all activity on Facebook and other social media is compiled in huge databases and whoever has access to that data knows more about a consumer than his/her best friends. For businesses, big data is a key component in competition, growth, and innovation. As the pool of data continues to grow exponentially, smart companies give themselves a competitive edge by knowing where to find and how to access big data.

This infographic by Kapow cuts through the IT jargon and helps you understand the biggest sources of big data. The types of big data are ranked by the level of structure involved, APIs, firewall protection, as well as velocity, variety, and volume. See a comprehensive list of sources for each type, then make a plan to harness the power of big data to drive business forward.