Paleontologist Peter Larson's Tips For Where To Find Dinosaur Fossils In The United States

Is the world's next big dinosaur discovery hiding in your backyard?

Paleontologist Peter Larson knows the thrill of uncovering dinosaur bones very well. He led the team that found the skeleton of Sue, the largest, most complete T-rex ever unearthed, and the incredible tale is the focus of the new documentary "Dinosaur 13." When Larson and director Todd Douglas Miller stopped by HuffPost Live to discuss the film, Larson chatted with 8-year-old dinosaur enthusiast Dane, who had an adorable question about where he could hunt for his own fossils without getting into trouble for taking them.

Check out Larson's tips for dinosaur hunting above, and click here to see the full HuffPost Live conversation about "Dinosaur 13."

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