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Where To Go On Honeymoon And When

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Your honeymoon is probably the most important holiday you will take in your life -- and it is the perfect excuse to splash out and go somewhere really special!

You may have the whole world to choose from (depending on your budget of course) so I have put together a guide to help you choose where to go on your honeymoon and which time of year is best to visit those destinations. Much of it is a matter of opinion, but I have focussed mainly on climate so you can enjoy the best weather possible in these amazing destinations.

It makes me want to take a honeymoon all over again! Enjoy.




Celebrate the Caribbean's dry season by taking a trip to paradise. The Bahamas, Jamaica and St Lucia are all popular and perfect for that relaxing honeymoon getaway.

Celebrate the New Year in sunny Sydney in style. Explore some of Australia's other charms including a trip along the Great Ocean Road, where you can go koala spotting, or visit the magnificent Cradle Mountain in stunning Tasmania.

Costa Rica
A varied and beautiful country with some of the world's most unspoilt beaches, lush dense rainforest and vast volcanoes. With an abundance of native wildlife this small Central American country will leave a big impression on you.


South East Asia

So many options in this beautiful area - sample the culture of Cambodia, enjoy Thailand's stunning beaches and nightlife, take a slow boat in Laos or go off the beaten track in Vietnam to explore its breathtaking unique landscapes.

If an adventurous honeymoon appeals then the village of Whistler is perfect for you. Try your hand at snowboarding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and even heli-skiing and sleigh riding whilst creating fabulous memories.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Bold, loud and beautiful Rio promises a honeymoon never to forget. It provides an excellent mix of luxury resorts buried amongst the tall mountains and stunning famous beaches. Visit in February to enjoy their world famous carnival.



An impressively diverse country, Morocco will surprise you - get lost in its ancient cities, hike its stunning mountains and explore its mighty deserts. Marrakech's world famous markets await.

With hundreds of islands to choose from scattered across the Indian ocean, the exotic Maldives ticks a lot of the boxes for a dream honeymoon. Sunbathe and relax on their gorgeous white-sand beaches or take a dip in the crystal clear waters.

Swiss Alps
If skiing is your passion then the beautiful alpine resort town of St Moritz in the Swiss Alps is perfect for you. Popular with celebrities the town oozes charm and luxury - and is the perfect destination for honeymooners.



Geographically diverse, Mexico can offer coasts, waterfalls, beautiful jungles, busy cities, and is also a country full of history. Avoid the monsoon seasons, and take your pick from all that Mexico has to offer and enjoy relaxing on their exquisite sandy beaches.

Bora Bora
A popular romantic luxury resort destination, Bora Bora offers pristine sandy beaches and amazing swimming opportunities, but also fantastic opportunities for scuba diving and 4 wheel drive safariing.

Vancouver, Canada
Naturally stunning, Vancouver provides a scenic city break, whilst being only a few hours away from lesser-known Vancouver Island, an ideal honeymoon destination which offers rainforest, rugged coastlines, parks and beaches.



Croatia provides a unique opportunity to experience wonderful variety in one country - from stunning natural beauty, gorgeous islands, magnificent architecture, cultural and historical wonders, to delicious fresh seafood and delectable local wine.

Island hop between any of the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles and you will be rewarded. Explore the jungle interiors of the island, spot rare wildlife and enjoy snorkeling and swimming as the beaches are out of this world - the perfect honeymoon escape.

Made up of six unique islands in the Central Pacific ocean - and full of beauty and adventure. Visit in May for warmer oceans and to see the islands in bloom. Explore stunning coastlines, towering volcanoes and magnificent waterfalls.



The sun never fully sets in Iceland in June, so circumnavigate Iceland's incredible ring road to explore the very best that Iceland has to offer - bubbling mud pools, impending geysers, snow-peaked mountains, impressive waterfalls, spectacular glaciers and volcanos, striking black-sand beaches and iceberg-filled lakes await.

The Indonesian island of Bali has long been popular with honeymooners - it is known not just for its incredible scenery but also for its warm and welcoming people. Explore the island's diverse and dramatic landscape and enjoy its rich culture.

Paris, France
A visit to France's capital - with its iconic charming cityscape - will be full to the brim of culture, famous landmarks, fashion, art, history and romance. Take a boat trip on the Seine, an Eiffel Tower tour or see the famous Mona Lisa at the Louvre - Paris really does offer something for everyone.



A vast and sparsely populated area of North America, here you can escape and have your dream outdoor honeymoon. Explore by car, train, kayak or cruise ship and you won't be disappointed with this impressive country - filled with glaciers, wildlife (whales and bears just to name a few) and amazing scenery at every turn.

Malaysia offers the traveller everything - from modern bustling cities and remote wildlife-filled jungles to luxurious resorts. It is well-known for its rich food offering and impressive scenery and can offer the perfect backdrop for a memory-filled honeymoon.

Venice, Italy
Possibly regarded as the most romantic city in the world, Venice can make all your honeymoon dreams come true. A gondola ride through the distinguished and beautiful Venetian waters is a must, and enjoy its world-famous wine and legendary seafood.



Known as the 'golden state' California has much to offer the honeymooner - just a few highlights include: driving Highway One in a Mustang convertible, wine tasting in world-renowned Sonoma, getting lost in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains and walking the length of the legendary Golden Gate bridge.


With its abundant wildlife Kenya is the perfect destination for a luxury honeymoon safari. Try and spot the Big 5 on safari or take a hot-air balloon ride above the vast savannah. The Maasai Mara is the most well-known reserve in the world and visiting between June and October you will be privileged to see the great migration.

Scilly Isles, UK
The Scilly Isles are one of the UK's best kept secrets, but also an absolutely ideal honeymoon destination. They offer a wonderful mix of rich azure seas, pretty settlements, gorgeous palm trees and stunning sandy beaches.



Santoirini is said to be the most romantic of the Greek islands - with mesmerising memorable sunsets. It provides a feast for your eyes with its iconic whitewashed cliffside buildings and unique beaches filled with pebbles coloured white, red and black.

Sri Lanka
Famous for packing so much into a small area - Sri Lanka offers 8 World Heritage Sites, and has over 2000 years of culture waiting to be explored. Visit in Sept to avoid both monsoon seasons and make the best of the weather. It has stunningly beautiful diverse landscapes and still remains mostly undiscovered and uncrowded - the ideal place to escape from it all.

A wonderful honeymoon destination - Fiji offers many opportunities to relax in paradise, especially if you choose to visit one of the more remote islands (there are over 300 to choose from!). Pick from relaxing on the palm tree lined beaches, swimming in the deep blue lagoons or adventure activities including diving and mountain climbing.



Another destination perfectly suited to newlyweds due to the variety it can offer its visitors - visit in October to enjoy the dryer and cooler weather at this time of year. Take a tour of this incredible country and be sure to take in highlights including Tokyo's incredible cityscape, Kyoto's shrines, gardens and temples and the prominent and epic Mount Fuji.

The Cook Islands

Hidden deep in the South Pacific there lies a Cook island called Aitutaki that is as close to paradise as you can get. With its gorgeous pristine beaches, inviting turquoise waters and incredibly relaxed feel to the island, it is the most perfect honeymoon destination. It really feels like one of the very few unspoilt paradises left in the world.

The iconic Great Barrier Reef on Queensland's coast has to be seen to be believed and is the perfect place for newlyweds to relax. It is full of luxury resorts with incredible opportunities to swim amongst the most beautiful technicolor fish, and even dolphins and sharks.



One of the best destinations in the world for pure luxury in paradise - there is also a lot more to Mauritius with such picturesque volcanic peaks, vast wilderness, eco-adventure parks and expansive nature reserves. It can offer some great opportunities for exploring, whether it be hiking, horse riding, climbing, quad biking, sea karting, kite surfing or snorkelling!

A vast and modern city that rises out of the dry and scorching desert. Another offering of the ultimate levels of luxury for your honeymoon. Enjoy all the city has to offer, including busy nightlife and ultramodern architecture, but make sure to also visit the incredible surrounding desert for a truly memorable holiday.

Las Vegas
Not only a destination for weddings, Las Vegas has much more up its sleeve. Be sure to walk down the strip taking in the heart of the city, take your pick from the many amazing evening shows, and explore the surrounding landscapes and treat yourself to a helicopter trip to the breathtaking Grand Canyon.



The mesmerising Northern Lights await in the beautiful snowscape of Lapland. Tick this off your bucket list as you snuggle together underneath the spectacular skies. Stay in a snow hotel and take a trip on a reindeer safari and enjoy the most magical of honeymoons.

New York
Experience Christmas like nowhere else in the world in New York's winter wonderland. Go ice skating at the famous Rockefeller Center Skating Rink while stopping to admire the magnificent Christmas tree, and take a horse drawn carriage ride in Central Park.

New Zealand
The height of their summer is the perfect time to visit the home of the kiwi. Its warm and welcoming people make this destination an ideal place for honeymooners to visit. The incredibly varied landscapes are simply awe-inspiring and once visiting the home of the hobbits you may never want to leave!

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