10 Places You Wish You Could Run

10 Places You Wish You Could Run

Even the most devoted runners can grow tired of their regular routes -- and just forget it when it comes to the treadmill.

But what if you could run anywhere? There are hundreds of scenic locations worthy of your running bucket lists.

We asked our Twitter followers and Facebook fans to tell us where they would run if there was nothing holding them back. Here are a few of their breathtaking suggestions.

"So many places! I'd start with along the top of the Great Wall of China." --Angela O.
running great wall of china

"In the mountains, in Scotland" --Shelley Stellenboom
running scotland mountains

"Lakshadweep Islands" --Harita
lakshadweep islands

"Central Park" --Joko Cahyo Baskoro
running central park

"Angkor Wat" --Caroline Yau
running angkor wat

"Along the beach at Maspalomas, Gran Canaria." --Jane Smith
maspalomas gran canaria beach

"Batanes Island, Philippines" --Rey Tagum
batanes island philippines

"Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada" --Joe Brideau
banff national park running

"Hyde Park, London" --Gowri Oberoi
hyde park london running

"Paris, France" --Jane Barbontin
paris running eiffel tower

Where do you wish you could run?

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