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5 Of The Best Places To Shop In Des Moines, Iowa

This denim jacket, though. 🙌🏼

Iowa plays a crucial part in the election process. In 2016, however, it also became responsible for some of the most absurd campaign merchandise out there.

Aside from political garb, Des Moines boasts a range of solid antique shops and boutiques. Many are in-store only, but we managed to track down five that have online presences, too.

Its residents might want to keep this a secret from the rest of the country, but Des Moines is hip. And its shopping scene reflects that.

Check out five of our picks for best shopping in Des Moines below.

Preservation is, according to its website, “a vintage and modern lifestyle shop and photo studio” that sells clothing, accessories, home goods and more. Some pieces, like the wildly cute jacket above, are a splurge, but it also offers some lovely, reasonably priced blouses and a bunch of comfortable-looking overalls that have our names all over them.

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You may remember Raygun as one of the shining stars of the presidential campaign, thanks to its eclectic offers (ahem, a shirt covered in photos of Bernie Sanders’ face). It carries a range of fun, pithy merchandise, including a shirt that deemed America “as gay as” Iowa when same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 states and more recently, a “Dear Universe, Sorry about Donald Trump. Sincerely, America” shirt.

Aimee is a treasure trove of on-trend fashion and accessories that stocks well-known brands as well as lesser-known ones. While it does not sell clothing on the website, it ships orders over the phone through call or text. So. Easy.

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Trieste was named one of Des Moines’ top home decor stores by USA Today’s Juice in January 2016, and with good reason. This chic shop has all the makings of a cozy home. Luckily for those of us who aren’t locals, they have an online store, where they sell some of their accessories, like this too-cute $19 double dip server.

Leona Ruby is a jewelry store that features name brands as well as pieces by local designers. Its owner, Ellen Martinson, wrote that as a child she would often be found “at the zoo with an armful of bangles,” and “not much has changed.” Her website offers chokers, tassel bracelets, rings and more.