Where Vision Meets Taste: Ellary's Greens

Leith makes it almost hard to choose which healthy route to go down.
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It's so rare that I find a great restaurant that matches my exact philosophy--bringing good, whole ingredients that are not only nutrient-dense but simply, and unequivocally, delicious. Ellary's Greens is a charming eatery on Carmine, nestled in the West Village - a neighborhood known for amazing Italian pizzerias and vegan hipsteries alike.

But Ellary's Greens stands out. The owner, Leith Hill, began the restaurant one year and a half ago (eons in New York-time) where she melded farm-to-table ingredients with smart, cultured food choices that are made for the everyday joe, the vegetarian, gluten-free guests, and even glutenarians. I was lucky enough to be greeted by her, as many patrons often are, as if we had known each other for years.

You're instantly struck with how warm and inviting the place is from the moment you enter. Leith said, "Too often we are separated from where our food is grown, who grows it, how it's cooked, and who serves it to us--this is a chain of invisible people in our food culture. This has to change. In my flagship restaurant, there are no invisible people--from vendors, to dishwashers, to servers, and especially our guests." You can see this play out among the other diners, the wait staff, and even the website where everyone is listed with a name and photo.

And the food...Oh boy, the food...

I started with the smoked deviled eggs. These are prepared in-house with organic, fresh farm eggs, and a smoker that brings out the crisp fall season better than any pumpkin pie could. On to the crispy roasted chicken breast, served with fresh herbs & celery root puree. This was simply cooked to juicy perfection, and the plating was absolutely sumptuous (simple, elegant, clean food).

The Lebanese stuffed zucchini is a modern take on the classic grape leaves--magically lighter and more filling, as the pureed tomato and yoghurt sauce provides the salty and sweet combo your taste buds want.

Finally, dessert. :) Topping off some of the amazing choices, I have to call out the chocolate mousse: triumphantly velvety with a house-made cream, and not too sweet. Made from avocado and coconut milk--this dessert is off the charts. And vegan. With no refined sugar. Love it!

Fresh squeezed fruit & veg juices all day long, assorted teas, coffee, and a great organic wine list are all there to drink as well ... Leith makes it almost hard to choose which healthy route to go down.

P.S. The menu is designed to make an easy read out of the options for people with dietary allergies or restrictions--but by no means is it restrictive--a must for New Yorkers and tourists in town.

33 Carmine Street
West Village, NYC 10014
(between Bedford & Bleecker)

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