WhereBerry Helps You Make Your Dreams Come True

Site Helps You Make Your Dreams Come True

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For all those great fantasy plans you made that never made it to fruition, here's a site that makes sure the future is full of dreams fulfilled.

WhereBerry lets you, and your friends, make plans for the future--whether that be tomorrow, or in ten years--in a simple site that helps events actually happen.

What it is: WhereBerry, available both as an app and on its site, lets users post ideas they have for things they might want to do, like eating at a new cafe, traveling to Bali, or organizing a game of Diplomacy.

How it works: WhereBerry logs you in via Facebook Connect, so that when you post your ideas, anyone else on WhereBerry who is already your Facebook friend would be able to see and respond, either to make plans or add suggestions. Once on the site, you simply post your idea to the site, at which point you can tag it, or invite friends along.

Information on WhereBerry is public, and users can "follow" other users on WhereBerry as well. By making WhereBerry posts public, the site opens up any random idea you might have to the world. Users might receive suggestions from strangers that turn out to be extremely helpful. WhereBerry might even help a user connect with a not-so-close friend who happens to share some obscure interest.

Why you’d use it: The strength of WhereBerry is its simplicity. While the hopes we have for our future plans may run from the mundane to the fantastical, it's often the case that whatever that plan may be, we'd love to have a friend along.

From finding a buddy to go pick apples with in the fall, to discovering that some of your friends have a serious love for 1960s cult science-fiction films, to finally taking that dream trip to Madagascar to watch rare birds, WhereBerry has the potential to connect people through real life activities through the ease of online collaboration.

WhereBerry might one day come to resemble an inspirational pinboard of all the things that you want to do--and all the things you've actually done.

How to get it: Visit WhereBerry's site to get started.

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