The Most Relaxing Places To Unwind With A Book (PHOTOS)

A book -- whether in paperback or on the screen of a Kindle -- is one of the most travel-friendly forms of entertainment in existence. We read on trains and planes, in waiting rooms, and before our dates show up to the bar. Even as video games and TV shows have spread their reach to smartphones, accessible anywhere, there's something about the simplicity of a book's ease of transport that sets it apart.

At the same time, however, reading has a particular meditativeness that seems to call for an ideal setting -- a cozy reading nook with a squashy armchair, a broad hammock overlooking a quiet stretch of beach, or a favorite park bench shaded by greenery. Though we read wherever we are, often in the most distracting and unpleasant circumstances, we all have some happy reading place we retreat to when we want to really lose ourselves in a book for a few hours.

We asked our readers to show us pictures of where they read, and the answer seems to be nearly any place you could imagine; photos showed our fearless readers on mountaintops, in bubble baths, and everywhere in between. Here are some of our favorites, which are guaranteed to make you want to find a sunny new spot and crack open a good book: