Where's My Refund? Tool Still Proving Glitchy For Users

Looking For Your Tax Refund? Good Luck Finding It

Where is my refund? It's a question Americans are probably asking themselves increasingly as they file their taxes.

But they might have trouble finding an answer. Some Americans visiting the Internal Revenue Service's "Where's my refund" page are getting a message indicating the IRS has no information about their return -- even though they've filed their return electronically, according to the IRS website. But don't worry, the IRS says the situation is temporary and expects "to resolve the matter in a few days," according to the site.

The reason for the glitch? A new e-file system that's aimed in part at increasing safeguards against refund fraud, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. But this isn't the "Where's my refund?" tool's first snafu this year. At the beginning of tax season the IRS was issuing refunds to taxpayers a week later than the tool told them to expect their check.

Though it's causing some trouble, the new e-file system's extra protections against refund fraud may be necessary. Some residents of Sylvester, Georgia are getting their refunds swiped after thieves stole their identities and then got their refunds through Turbo Tax, according to the local NBC and ABC affiliate.

And taxpayers are counting on that cash. Nearly half of Americans say they plan to use part of their refund to pay for necessities like food or their utility bills, according to a survey from Ameritrade. Some -- 14 percent -- said the plan to use the refunds on items that are a bit more fun, like travel and gadgets.

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