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Where's the Leadership?

Obama and Clinton might one day claim to be great politicians, but they'll never be able to claim they're great leaders. They haven't led a damn thing.
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The Democratic capitulation on the FISA law is one of those things that make you grow even angrier as time passes by. As one of our listeners said this morning, "I am growing sick and tired of growing sick and tired."

So, as my anger builds for the one billionth time about how no one will represent us, not even the people we voted for, I started to think about two names. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Where the hell are they? These two want to be leaders?! Leaders of what? Have you ever seen two bigger followers? Are they done calculating which way the polls are going to come out on this yet or do they need a little more time?

Yes, I understand they voted the right way on this FISA law atrocity and so did other Democratic presidential candidates in the Senate, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd. But what good does it do if you don't lead your party?

If you say that it's not possible to lead on this issue and that the Republicans will call you soft on national security, I have two words for you: Russ Feingold.

But he's not running for president, you say. Well, maybe that's the problem. So, what's the conclusion -- our presidential candidates have to be our weakest leaders? The people who challenge the Republicans the least?

This is my main problem with Clinton and Obama (I single them out because they are theoretically the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination). They keep talking about how awful Bush was, as if it's in the past tense. The guy is still president and you're still in the Senate -- and what have you done about it?!!!

Nothing. A big fat zero. Hillary Clinton's leadership in fighting back against the Bush administration has been non-existent. Big, smooth talker Obama has contributed a big fat doughnut. If you say it's not possible to fight back, I have two words for you: Russ Feingold.

This is not some futile effort to get Feingold to run or anything. I'm just using him as an example because apparently he's the only one left in the Senate with a sack. The rest of them have the grand, brilliant strategy of waiting Bush out. How very brave!

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of these Democrats. Is anyone going to pay a price for voting the wrong way on this FISA bill? Are Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi going to hold them to account? I'll give you a moment to stop laughing.

These are the Pretendocrats (another listener suggestion) - they pretend to fight the Bush administration, while actually doing squat.

Where is the leadership? If Senator Clinton is showing leadership on this, she has a funny way of showing it. If her campaign's answer is that she is better off hiding under a rock so the Republicans won't call her soft on terrorism, then please stay under that rock and don't pretend to be a leader of the Democratic Party.

These people are a joke. Are there any leaders left? Will the country accept them even if they ran? Or are we to be cowed by the stupid and unbearable mainstream media who will tell us that anyone who opposes this administration -- the most unpopular administration in United States history -- is too far left?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton might one day claim to be great politicians, but they'll never be able to claim they're great leaders. They haven't led a damn thing. This is put up or shut up time. These people want to be the leader of the free world and they can't even lead themselves out of the corner that Bush put them in. Come on, they have been outwitted by George W. Bush. They should all resign from the race in shame.

If they say that they knew better than Bush in this case but they just couldn't get their fellow Democrats to go along, then they are saying they are not as good a leader as George W. Bush (who almost always gets his Republican Congressmen to follow no matter how terrible his ideas are). Wow, that's damning. Implicitly admitting that you are a more ineffective leader than George W. Bush -- does it get any worse?

And these are our leaders? I don't think so.