Which Bathtub Style is Best for You? 6 Options

Which Bathtub Style is Best for You? 6 Options
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A stylish bathtub lets you extend your home's decor into the bathroom. Modern bathtub designs now offer a variety of styles that give your bathroom an extra shot of class. The bathtub you choose will depend on your decor, budget and usage. Here are six bathtub styles to help you find your perfect match.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Hartman, Inc. in McKinney, TX

#1 Clawfoot

The clawfoot tub is the quintessential fixture in vintage bathroom designs. The legs on a clawfoot tub are clearly visible and support the tub several inches above the floor. A clawfoot tub is the perfect centerpiece for your classic or antique decor.

#2 Freestanding

A freestanding tub is sure to draw comments from family and friends. Freestanding tubs can go anywhere in your bathroom, allowing you to show off your flooring. Also, freestanding tubs give your room the appearance of spaciousness -- which is perfect for smaller bathrooms.

Photo courtesy of The Better Bath, LLC in Roland, AR

#3 Alcove

An alcove, or recessed, tub incorporates style and functionality by providing a rectangular shape that fits within three walls. Recessed designs maximize the space in your bath, especially when accompanied by a wall-mounted shower. Alcove baths offer a familiar place to soak and relax or grab a quick shower before work.

Photo courtesy of Granite Transformations Vancouver in Coquitlam, BC

#4 Drop-in

A drop-in tub is unique because of a framed enclosure that surrounds the tub's exterior. A frame will give you the perfect size and shape, making it easier to get in and out of the tub. Framed tubs also offer a place to sit while helping small children take a bath. You may want to include a Whirlpool in your remodeling plan for a bath experience that is relaxing and refreshing.

Photo courtesy of Galaxy Building Services in Mesquite, TX

#5 Soaking tubs

A soaking tub is deeper than traditional designs. The aesthetics of soaking tubs include supportive shapes that make it possible to sink farther into the tub. Hydrotherapy systems can also make taking a bath therapeutic and restorative. Additionally, soaking tubs save space by shortening the tub's length and increasing its depth. The reduced surface area of water tends to keep temperatures higher during a bath.

#6 Walk-in

Incorporating safety into elegant and functional designs allows individuals with limited mobility to enjoy a hot bath without the risk of injury. Walk-in tubs have a watertight door that makes entering and exiting safe and easy. A built-in seat offers security and comfort by allowing a bather to sit upright. Many designs include hydrotherapy jets that provide therapeutic benefits.

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