Which Cities in Illinois Have the Snobbiest Residents?

You can find snobby people just about anywhere, but do some cities have more snobs than others?

The website RoadSnacks attempted to answer this question by looking at 371 cities in Illinois with at least 5,000 people. Then they scoured the Internet to see which cities have the highest income levels, the percentage of residents who have college degrees, number of private schools and art galleries in an area and, of course, the number of Whole Foods stores in town.

This methodology might not sound very convincing, but as RoadSnacks makes clear, the article is "an opinion based on data and is meant for infotainment." In other words, people shouldn't freak out about the findings. Please, don't freak out if you live in one of these towns.

[Descriptions for each city are from RoadSnacks]

10. Highland Park

Highland Park has the 4th most art galleries per capita in the state, so don't even try to argue about postmodernism with anyone who lives here. Odds are they know what they're talking about. Or think they do.

Income levels ($115,000) and home values ($521,000) puts them well ahead of most of their peers in the state.

9. Northfield

People in Northfield value a good education. 76 percent of them attended college, which is the 6th highest in the state. Plus, there are the 6th most private schools in the general area. Which means their kids will one day take the snooty crown from their parents.

Median incomes here are about $116,000, and homes cost well over $650,000. There was no analysis done on the types of cars Northfield residents drive, but you can bet they aren't rolling around in Subarus.

Or, when they don't drive, do the people in Northfield bust out the hand sanitizer when the Metra pulls up?

8. Lake Bluff

You can bet the snooty people in Lake Bluff have reservations at Les Nomades every Friday night. Families here stack up the bills high to the tune of $146,000 a year, which is the 7th highest in the Land of Lincoln.

Only two other cities are less educated than the people in Lake Bluff. A whopping 80 percent of the residents here have a college degree.

There are significantly more snobby activities here than in most of the state as well.

7. Barrington

Barrington residents 'only' earn $106,000 a year, and live in homes that are 'merely' worth $460,000. And there aren't as many private schools nearby. Plus, fewer than 62 percent of them attended college.

You can bet that if someone you know from Barrington is reading this right now, they'll demand a recount. There's no way they aren't as good as the people listed above.

6. Lincolnshire

You can bet a lot of the people in Lincolnshire attend theaters, premieres, arts galas and such, since there are more uppity type event centers in the Lincolnshire area than in any other place in Illinois.

And the people who live here can certainly afford it. Households earn about $110,000 a year, and almost 70 percent of the residents got an undergraduate degree.

You can see the Top 5 cities RoadSnacks says are the snobbiest at Reboot Illinois.