Which Hawaiian Island Is Right For You?

So many islands, so little vacation time.

The Hawaiian islands have long been considered the best islands in America by Condé Nast Traveler readers, but with so many islands to choose from, where does a wanderlust traveler even start?

You can't go wrong, of course, but each Hawaiian island has a distinct lifestyle and its own unique roster of activities. Between the beaches, the natural wonders, and the world-renowned aloha spirit, choosing just one island can be a tough call. That's where we come in.

This quiz will match you with your perfect island getaway then check out our guides below to learn more about each island.

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Oahu: Hawaii's most populated island is home to world-famous Waikiki, but outside of Honolulu, the island is just as green and gorgeous as all the rest.

Maui: The "Valley Island" is full of family friendly beaches and activities for all ages.

Kauai: Geographically the oldest island in the archipelago, Kauai's lush green mountains and rainbow-prone valleys never disappoint.

Lanai: Two Four Seasons resorts are a big tourist draw for this small island. Its quiet lifestyle and rustic charm will win your heart.

Molokai: The "Friendly Island" has a deep connection to Hawaiian culture and an untouched natural beauty you won't find anywhere else.

Big Island: You might come for the volcanoes and waterfalls, but you'll stay for an authentic taste of Hawaii.

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