Which is the best short news app?

These days People are using more of Internet to grab the latest News and Updates rather than Reading the Newspaper which is quite boring and time consuming. With increasing workload, People are having time shortage and they end up not reading the News to save time, Well to fix this issue we are here to Present a free Android App known as Awesummly - Fastest Short News App.

Credit: dobbins.afrc.af.mil
Credit: dobbins.afrc.af.mil

Awesummly is a free News App which is up to date and offers a sleek and Card User Interface which makes it Responsive and Visually Pleasant to the User. Awesummly saves your time by serving you the News with not more than 60 words, which takes less than a Minute to Read, this way you are not missing out on any News or Update, and at the same time you are saving much time.

Awesummly arranges the News in Categories which makes browsing through News even more easy and Quick. The App does support Languages like English and Hindi. The app covers all the News including Regional,National and even International News from around the World. The App grabs the News from Leading Newspapers and Magazines like Times of India, The Hindu, Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Business Insider, Navbharat Times, NY Times, Reuters etc. and then summarizes that into small content with much information to save your time.

The App sends Push Notifications about the Headlines, so that you don't miss out on any of those Headlines. The App also support features like Night Mode which doesn't stress your eyes while reading in the Dark. You can read the News Offline as well without any Active Internet Connection after just connecting for a Minute.

Awesummly is overall a Great Fast Short News App which is worth a shot. Let us know your thoughts about that in the Comments Section Down Below.

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