Which Next-Gen Console Will You Buy?

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Answer by Faye Wang,

I didn't want to answer this question until I saw the Xbox one and PS4 myself. Last week, I got to try out the Xbox One and PS4 on E3. And I gave some thought after their press conferences, and my choice is:

Xbox One

Yes, I'm fully aware of all the negative comments about Xbox One, the "always on" feature, the "No used game" restrictions, the "non-game focused" TV features, the "if you don't have internet, stick with Xbox 360" PR nightmare ... Everyone seems eager to mark Xbox One the loser of the next gen console war.

But the thing is, I don't buy consoles because I want to make some point, I'm just a normal consumer, and I buy the product that fits my situation and satisfies my needs. And for this reason, I would buy a Xbox One over PS4.

Now let's see ...

Always on: that won't be a problem, I have really good internet. Unless I'm away on business trip or vacation, I'm always on.

No used games: I haven't bought a used game in ages. I pre-order games, and I buy them on the release day. I have a day job; sometimes, I do overtime. I can't even finish the new games I buy, let alone used games.

Entertainment center: I don't watch a lot of TV, I have some broadcasting channels and even then I can't remember the channel number. If I could tell Xbox to go to NBC or ABC without using my remote, why not? Besides, a more focused on the overall entertainment experience doesn't mean Microsoft doesn't care about games.

Forced Kinect: Yes, I got it, everyone hates Kinect, it's a useless piece of hardware Microsoft is forcing us to buy ... But I'm with Ariel Williams on this one. I used to have high hopes for Kinect when it first came out. But there weren't any good Kinect enabled games other than a few music/dance and exercise games. It's understandable when only a fraction of console owners have Kinect, of course developers won't make the Kinect part of their core game features. Now every gamer will have Kinect with their console, and it's on as part of the console, I can't imagine what new game play developers would come up with.

And my friends are all on Xbox Live.

So Xbox One for me in November.

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